Anonymous asked: Lol wait. Do men really like women squirting that much?















There’s no way I can increase the font on this,

just know I am saying:


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out of curiosity, can you explain why? i mean, what’s the appeal? is it the visual manifestation of pleasure?

You know 85% of guys. We’re visual. Goal oriented to a fault. Squirting looks like we hit it so hard/good (because most guys correlate the two) broke you. Like we hit the jackpot. Like we did the ultimate thing.

For a guy who actually appreciates the female orgasm, who lives and dies by it in the bedroom, for a guy who wants nothing more than to be a servant to his woman when he’s in a relationship, for a guy who’s primary objective when we have sex is to surgically, systematically remove your soul out of your body and relieve you of any pressure, stress and everyday frustration…for a guy who wants to look you in your eyes as you roll them back in your head, arch your back and shake until your tense muscles ache and you become lightheaded from hyperventilating and cumming all night…for a guy who likes to lick his lips, surrounding area and fingers clean when he’s done, for guys like me…squirting is a prerequisite to good love. Feel me? ^_^





   from now on we gotta fuck niggas who believe like this no exceptions

Systematically remove my soul? I need me one like that, like yesterday

Lmao! My boyfriend actually said that exact phrase the other day about this subject.

The two of y’all need to start teaching classes.

I’m just glad to know that cats out there feel me on this subject. It strokes my ego in ways unimaginable to know my lady just got dicked so good that she loses all control… To know she can’t even stand to walk cause them knees be done have out… Between times like those & the recourse of a good meal, seeing the bae unable to do anything but sleep… It be like “
yeeeeeeah, nigga, I did my mutha fuckin thizzniyyee. you feel me?!

Y’all are so grown.

Man this description is a fucking bulls eye ! Squirting is heavenly on levels for a nigga that’s competitive and loves nothing more than pleasing his woman . It’s not only the orgasm that we want . We want the best form of it . If a girl says something to guy like “when my hair gets pulled and my as gets spanked i be ready to buckle” that guys goal is to AT LEAST make her buckle and tremble with pleasure . And every guy can tell you when that goal is reach there is nothing that can take us down off that high ,

Y’all REALLY grown. But I’ll allow it.

For real, I love when they sit down, with the zoned out look. And your girl look at you like you a different person like 0_0

It’s because you leveled up before our eyes

you transfigured

went super sajan

And then there’s that chance we might have slept you

We might have been getting mediocre, ramen noodle dick the prior to that moment (from you or elsewhere).

But after a moment where you have slid from one side of the bed to the other and you don’t know how you got there, but you know for certain all that water underneath your body is yours and not his…It’s like the truth has been revealed. A real lover has been seent and you can’t deny the glory of it.

I don’t think you guys can even begin to imagine the amount of wack penis is out there. How many stressful ass sessions and nights of regret we may have had. We may not have even known that we were capable of feeling that much pleasure….But you did that. It’s enough to make you question all the sex you had before.



You can just see how happy that makes him. Hearing the whole crowd rapping along

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That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

He pulled the seat back omgg

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#This could be us but you keep calling the police


#This could be us but you keep calling the police

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Afro Punk - The Men 4

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New chapter

Single mum.


Date a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. Date a guy with tattoos. Date a guy with flawless eyeliner. Date a guy who is so tall he can lift you up onto the horse he just gave you. Date Khal Drogo.

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“faster,” i moaned. “why won’t this page load faster?”

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